(Dash) and Aluc talk things about things …because they can



Aluc.Radio EP 0x32 “Groundhog’s Day”

@travisgoodspeed && Aluc chatting about Projects News and the Groundhog day…


Aluc Radio EP 0x31″The Pinneberg Remix”

and the one and only Dash “Gandhi the Peacemaker from the Kietz” the organizer of talking about the BSides in Hamburg,  Hack 4,  RecoTak …”Blond Babe in Pigstall Tatort Porno” … Alcohol … con’s … Sony and other #Fails

Aluc Radio 0x30

Aluc Radio with @foxgrrl (Julia Wolf) talking abot zip tricks and more. This podcast was recorded short after BerlinSides 0x05 but since the content mafia made sure i cant upload to youtube i had to build my media server first… sorry for the delay

Aluc Radio 0x29

theAluc and the Dark Operator @Carlos_Perez are talking about what he is up to, last weeks news tools updates and cons…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x28 (content mafia edition)

… today my guests @maradydd and @thequux and per Skype @dymaxion


Aluc.Radio EP 0x27

FX (Felix Lindner) and the Aluc talking about PH-Neutral, Parties while having a good time drinking “Русский Стандарт Gold”…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x26

@maradydd Jayson and Aluc talking programing, interesting Bio Projects, Lan Sassaman  and Depression… and a new start


Aluc.Radio EP 0x25

@451wendy Jayson and Aluc talking Security…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x24

Aluc interviews Joe McCray at the 2011 Brucon


Aluc.Radio EP 0x23

@wimremes @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about Wim going for the bord of the isc2, aluc rants about a charlatan who got the credits on cons for what he never did research for and everything he writes technicaly is crap… certs and more…


Aluc.Radio EP 0x22

@greybrimstone … @jaysonstreet and aluc talking about networkintrusion with a mouse the industry #antisec lulsec and all this “attention-whores” and the Norway shooting


@carnal0wnage @jasonstreet and Aluc talking about LaresConsulting Pentesting Oracle The typical ranting … Good bye to @lensassaman who sadly passed away today R.I.P. we will miss you!


Aluc.Radio EP 0x20


Aluc.Radio EP0x20 with Martin @mckeay and @jaysonstreet < Working Jayson into a lather about Apple


Aluc.Radio EP 0x1F

@astera, @jack_daniel and theAluc talking about #Ninjacon, Talks, Cons and life in general…

The post PH ep with: @dakami,
@iiamit,@JohnBumgarner and last but not least our wonderful @banasidhe (thanx to @_FellMoon for the file)

The Brucon podcasters meetup 2010

For the first time in the history of security podcasters meetups, podcasters from three continents will join forces at Brucon on September 24th, 2010 to record a podcast episode while streaming live audio and video.

The following podcasts will be present at the meetup :